Aston-Patterning with Amanda can help you whether you are recovering from an injury, spend a lot of time sitting/ traveling, are a professional or recreational athlete, are a musician, or rely on your body every day (so everyone!). It is effective in reducing chronic musculoskeletal pain and improving posture so you are able to move with greater ease and enjoyment.

Aston-Patterning helps to release your long-held pain and tension patterns, guide you into a more optimal alignment, and teaches you how to use your body more effectively and efficiently. You will feel more physical comfort and support as you complete your daily activities.

Amanda is available to come to your office!  Contact us to set up a more comfortable workspace and give you tools to keep you pain-free.  (A minimum number of clients is required.) Please email for more information.


Below is an interesting blog from Judith Aston, founder of Aston-Patterning:

Amandaa Skidmore headshot

I first came to Aston-Patterning bodywork as a classical musician in pain and was so impressed with the effectiveness of the work that I entered training to be a practitioner. Sixteen years later, I have helped my clients recover from long-standing injuries and pain patterns, improve sports and music performance, and become more productive by reducing tension and pain from sitting/ working.

I look forward to meeting you, discussing your goals, and helping you find your way to more easeful and efficient body usage - both in your activities and everyday life.

In my spare time, I enjoy trying to outsmart my two year-old German Shepherd and exploring all that the Front Range has to offer.



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